5 real estate marketing trends you should follow

The real estate market always seeks to adapt to changes in marketing in order to get closer to buyers and to stand out in relation to the competition. Since technological resources are taking more and more space in this scenario, this is the main change that brokers and real estate agents have to deal with.

Continue reading this article and check out the 5 main trends in real estate marketing that you should follow:

The use of cell phones in the search for real estate

That person increasingly use their cell phones to surf the internet and make their purchases, we all know that. The exponential growth in searches for properties via mobile, however, is what is new.

If before, you just needed to worry about the user experience on the desktop, review your priorities, because a non-responsive website, that is, one that does not adapt properly to smartphones, is less accessed in relation to sites that have this concern. This can hurt real estate marketing.

The new forms of communication

The ways of communicating with clients have expanded, and this is great news for anyone who is a broker. In addition to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, there are still chat apps, such as WhatsApp, Hangouts or Skype, for example.

Therefore, it is essential to create an account and remain available in these communication channels, because the more practical the customer has, the more business you can attract.

The use of virtual reality

If before the client had to go to the duty to know the decorated, nowadays there are many ways to take the duty to the client. Using 360-degree videos is one of them, using virtual reality to present the properties as well.

The advantage of virtual reality goggles is being able to show the customer how the properties still under construction will look, without having to move them from one stand to another. This facilitates their decision-making and saves valuable real estate time.

The new ways of doing real estate marketing

Nowadays, using the internet to advertise is already a reality. Unlike newspaper ads, advertising on the internet makes it easier to attract customers and measure results. Therefore, you will have total control over how much is spent on ads and will know the rate of return for each modality.

Provide the address

The fear of disclosing the address of the properties is understandable, since the competition may take advantage of the information to try to sell first. But in addition to keeping competitors away by denying the address, you may end up alienating your own customers.

This is because, increasingly, customers are interested in knowing exactly where the property is located in order to plan, analyze the neighborhood, the commercial area and the surrounding traffic.

Disclosing the address is already a practice that the largest real estate companies have joined, so it is worth trying in some properties, at first. If it works for you, go ahead; if not, just do not put the address in the next properties. After all, allowing yourself to try new approaches is the advantage of using the internet in real estate marketing.


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