7 Useful Tools for the Realtor’s Job

Anyone who thinks that the realtor’s job is simple doesn’t know what their routine is like. In fact, we are talking about an extremely versatile professional, who performs several functions (for example: when necessary, he does the job of a photographer). For having a busy day to day, it is important that the professional of the area is prepared, and has the tools to develop their obligations in the best possible way.

In this post, you will get to know 7 useful tools for the real estate brokerage area. Check out:


This application is indispensable for the broker, as it works as a virtual measuring tape to measure environments, produce floor plans and even check if the furniture fits in the desired rooms. The MagicPlan can be a way for the professional to collect data from the property and, in this way, present the records to the clients.


The realtor needs to handle the money well and track the results of each of his investments, such as advertisements in newspapers and real estate websites. Therefore, we recommend the use of Expensify, an application that will help professionals to record their expenses.


The broker needs to keep a series of files, such as digital certificates, real estate photos, among others. It is often important to ensure access to these files from anywhere. Therefore, our next application is Dropbox, which allows you to host any type of file online.


Meetings with owners, meetings with clients interested in the properties, scheduled evaluations … Anyway, the realtor’s routine is definitely busy. So, in our list of useful tools, we recommend using Evernote, a task organizer that allows you to take voice, image or text notes. The great advantage of this application is that it can be accessed both by cell phone and computer.


Meetings with owners and clients daily: this is the realtor’s routine. Therefore, it is interesting to have an application that helps professionals to develop appropriate presentations for each of their audiences. This application is MightyMeeting. With it, you can perform live presentations on your smartphone or tablet whenever you need to.


The realtor also needs to promote his work, winning new clients and owners. An alternative to making a big promotion is e-mail marketing. Therefore, our next application is MailChimp, which aims to automate the sending of e-mails during the elaboration of any type of promotional activity. Definitely, the right tool for the broker who seeks to publicize his work.

JotNot Scanner

Finally, applications that help the broker get rid of other trivial commitments – such as printing documents – can certainly be of great help. Therefore, our last recommendation is the JotNot Scanner, which helps the broker to scan any type of document and print it remotely, wherever he is. It can be of great help with everyday paperwork.

Did you like these tips from Blue World City? From this list of useful tools, which one is the most interesting? Share your opinion with us in the comments field!

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