How to choose the location of the apartment?

As choosing the location of the apartment is a very important decision, many people are afraid of failing when analyzing the qualities of a neighborhood or city. So the question arises: what to evaluate?

Well, each location offers advantages and disadvantages. So, instead of looking for a perfect neighborhood, the tip is to list factors that are essential for you and your family. To make this task even easier, we have prepared this article with some tips for you. Follow us!

Live close to work

A survey carried out by the Credit Protection Service (SPC) and released this year analyzed the traffic of large cities. The result was that the time spent by the Brazilian commuting is equivalent to almost 40 days! It is clear how much urban mobility impacts productivity.

So, if you want to have time to do a physical activity, spend a few moments with your family, or even rest, choose to live close to your place of work. The same goes for students, who can make better use of university spaces when living close to campus.

Also, assess the quality of public transport available on site.

Feel safe

Unfortunately, public insecurity is a major challenge in Brazil, frightening residents in all states of the country. However, when we stop to analyze, we realize that there is no common denominator in urban violence.

This means that some areas are known for a large number of home invasions, while others suffer from car thefts, for example. As choosing the location of the apartment is very important, carefully analyze the security information for each region.

Another tip is to talk to the locals, read the neighborhood newspapers, look for some data in the press or on the website of your state’s Public Security Bureau and, of course, get to know the local merchants. By the way, speaking of them…

Assess the quality of local commerce

Hypermarkets and shopping malls are cool, but is this kind of commerce what you are looking for in your daily life? Some neighborhoods are famous for the quality of products and services offered by local and small entrepreneurs.

Beauty salons, markets, butchers, fairs, clothing stores, in short, in many places, there is an infinite number of options to serve customers. And the price in this type of establishment, usually, is almost 10% cheaper than that practiced by the big chains.

On the other hand, being next to a mall with a cinema may be the most important thing for you. So, question your relationship with commerce before choosing the neighborhood where you will live.

Check parks and green areas

You may have heard of the main parks in your city, but have you been to visit them? Many green areas and leisure options are better known by tourists than by locals.

These environments offer a free option of rest and can be very useful for a quick walk in times of stress. For this reason, many people make a point of living as close as possible to parks, squares, or woods.

In this post, you saw that it is very important to know how to choose the location of the apartment. But, following our tips, for sure the task will become easier.


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