How to find out when is the best time to buy a property?

It is a fact that owning a home is a dream of many people. This objective is possible when choosing the best time of the year to buy a property and analyzing the market factors that influence the value of the properties.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the moments in the buyer’s life, capable of facilitating or not achieving this goal.

To help you, we wrote this post, presenting the main facts to be considered at the time of purchase. Check out!

What should be analyzed to buy a property?

After the decision to acquire a property of its own, the factors of the real estate market are examined in light of the current economic scenario.

SELIC Interest and Rate

Interest and the SELIC Rate influence the financing of real estate. The SELIC rate is responsible for the basic interest rate applied to credit operations and controls real estate financing.

Thus, when it is low, this rate decreases the interest applied on financing.

In addition, interest rates demonstrate the behavior of banks vis-à-vis the market. The smaller they are, the greater the confidence of banks. This is the ideal time to buy your own home.

Supply and demand law

Due to the crisis of recent times, many properties have remained for sale. Thus, property values ​​remained low, as demand increased and demand decreased.

This has benefited those who wish to buy their own home, as there are greater chances of negotiations. This is the best time to buy a property.

It is possible that the buyer will get a discount, an increase in the number of installments or a good credit offer, especially when an entry is offered and the rest is negotiated.

Period of the year

Some months of the year make it possible to sell your own home. There is less sales after the New Year, given the debts at the beginning of the year, such as school supplies and taxes.

For this reason, the best time of the year to buy real estate is at the end of the year, when you receive your 13th salary. In addition, there is a greater willingness of the sellers to negotiate, in order not to pay the IPTU (Tax on Urban Territorial Property), which is levied in January.

When is the best time in life to buy a property?

After understanding the factors of the real estate market, it is necessary to observe at what point in life the buyer is.

Money available

Whether you have received an inheritance or made savings, having money available is crucial to choosing the best time to buy a property. This availability facilitates negotiations.

Professional stability

Having a stable job, with a good salary, influences the moment of acquiring a home. In this way, it is possible to commit a large portion of the income, in the medium or long term, without jeopardizing their own livelihood.

Personal need

The property must suit the buyer’s needs. Then, the desire to host a family or live alone is analyzed, as well as the financial conditions and the way the payment will happen.

Therefore, it is well known that, in order to choose the best time to buy a property, market factors must be examined in order to decide the ideal economic moment. However, it is still necessary to observe the stage of the buyer’s life, so that the fulfillment of the dream does not become a great frustration.


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