Real estate listing and know the important data to get started

That the internet is widely used by consumers, in general, is nothing new for anyone. However, many brokers are still reticent about the effectiveness of online real estate advertising and may lose several customers by not spending some time and effort if they are not present virtually.

The digital world is gaining more and more relevance and importance, with potential customers doing several types of research and comparisons before deciding to contact the broker. Therefore, just having the basic information about the property is not enough and it takes creativity when creating your property ad.

Perhaps one of the most important points in this phase is to understand who the consumer is looking for the property online, what he wants, and what his profile is. With such information, both real estate advertising and customer service can be more assertive, with information that is really relevant to the audience you want to reach.

Relevant data for the real estate listing

There are several types of research and studies that analyze the user’s behavior on the internet. Understanding which means are used the most, which times and preferred forms of contact for those who access the real estate ads can lead the broker to stand out in the sector, surpassing the competition.

Age and experience

According to data from the VivaReal portal, 36% of people who search for properties are between 25 and 34 years old, that is, they belong to the generation called millennials. One of the characteristics of these people is precisely the connectivity, which again reinforces the need to create real estate ads on the internet.

Most consumers (61%) are looking for a property for the first time. Therefore, it is important to answer all customer questions, after all, they have no experience in real estate and need a lot of help.

Cell phone habits

Every day more smartphones seem almost an extension of our bodies, performing different functions. With technological advances and greater use of mobile devices, it is important to pay attention to real estate ads and communication on these devices.

According to the survey, 98% of people interested in real estate use WhatsApp, 77% have a Facebook profile and 71% have smartphones with Android systems. At VivaReal, 49% of searches for real estate purchases are carried out through the app, which also shows the relevance of this technology.

Behavior during the contract

In order to be interested in a property advertisement, the consumer also analyzes some points such as description, photographs, title, and location. For 85% of consumers, the price of the property is the most important factor to try to negotiate.

On the other hand, the broker must pay attention to other points of the real estate listing, such as the location of the development. Disclosing the full address can bring about 83% more contacts for the professional.

Regarding the form of contact, 87% of consumers prefer service via e-mail in principle. In addition, the response time considered “tolerable” by customers is one day. So the broker must stay connected as well.
Producing and monitoring the real estate advertisement on the internet takes a certain amount of time from the broker, but it can be very worthwhile. How about starting today? Click here to know more and leave your doubts in the comments.


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