Realtor: 4 tips to achieve high performance

The brokerage has become an even more lucrative and respected career in recent years, especially after the great appreciation of the Brazilian real estate sector. Many people started to see this job as a chance for great appreciation in the job market – and this decision proved to be right for most of these professionals.

However, it is not always easy to achieve the best performance! The area is extremely disputed, and the current unfavorable economic situation has intensified competition. For a real estate agent to achieve high performance, it is necessary to follow some valuable tips. Want to find out what they are? So, don’t miss this post today!

Get inspired by successful cases

In general, successful brokers have a well-defined profile, in which they bring together the outstanding characteristics that allow them to achieve total success in the sector. As in any area, seeking references from those at the top can bring not only inspiration but also beautiful insights – which will help to refine your way of acting, behaving and even selling.

After all, these professionals’ posture, language, attire and values ​​are generally very similar – and you should analyze where you look (and keep them) and which you are not acting in a similar way (and, then adjust them).

Improve yourself constantly

Successful brokers also invest in constant improvement – and there are a number of ways to do this. In addition to specific courses and lectures on the field, it may be interesting to seek to learn a little about human psychology and persuasion techniques.

Reading biographies about people who have succeeded in the sales universe can also be highly positive, both to be inspired and to be aware of the key points and attitudes that contributed to this. Finally, the internet can also be a powerful ally. Participate in forums with other brokers and always stay on top of the latest news in the industry.


It is necessary to publicize their services – after all, those who are not seen are not remembered! Invest in simple marketing strategies, such as a good professional card and folders advertising your products. Also, participate in launch shifts, and place your plates on properties that you intend to negotiate.

Maintaining a professional website can be an excellent idea, as long as it is easy to navigate and expose all your contacts. Finally, don’t forget about social media – a fanpage can be a great way to attract potential customers!

Be available

Another secret of high-performance realtors is that they are always available to clients. There are no vacations, holidays or time off for those who want success. Try to also have at least two cell lines – from different operators – in addition to having facilities such as WhatsApp and SMS.

Another crucial point is not to delay responding to emails, nor failing to resolve your target audience’s doubts – this can make these people migrate to the competition in the blink of an eye.

These are some of the main secrets of successful realtors! Did you like the tips? Still have any questions? Leave your comment and join the conversation!


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