Renting or buying a property: what is more advantageous?

Having a place like capital smart city, to call yours is a dream of many people. However, it is common to question whether it is more worthwhile to rent or buy a property. And the answer to that question may be more complex than it seems.

That’s because each case is different. It is logical that owning a property is very advantageous, but making this purchase requires financial planning. On the other hand, renting may be the quickest way out for those who want privacy and independence.

For you to understand the advantages of each type of housing, we have prepared an article on the topic. Are you curious? So just follow this post to the end!

Rent: advantages and disadvantages

Rent is the quickest way out for those who need a place for themselves, but don’t have the money to buy or don’t know how to finance a property. Therefore, this initiative is taken by people who are taking their first steps in adulthood.

Newly graduated people, newlyweds or students resort to renting as a transition step. This means that the strategy is to rent, but with planning to buy the property itself in the future.

The main advantage of renting is being able to move with ease. So, if you are not sure if you intend to live in a certain location, rent it.

Although it is simpler than buying, this task still requires some requirements. One is the search for a guarantor. Another important point is the tenant’s financial planning.

Avoid getting excited by renting an expensive property, as the non-payment of the rent can generate major headaches. Renting a house is not about throwing money away, as long as you take the time to plan your future.

Buy: advantages and disadvantages

Buying a property means investing your money. Therefore, the buyer is not only paying for a place to live, but creating financial assets. Your property may be sold or rented in the future, generating income. Therefore, financing is an advantageous option for those with life planning.

The investor does not always have the money to buy a property. In such cases, an available option is real estate financing. To take advantage of this feature, the buyer needs to talk to real estate companies and research the best services. It is also necessary to save money. This forces you to give up small daily pleasures while thinking about the future.

To circumvent the disadvantage of lack of capital, the buyer can make use of resources such as the Guarantee Fund (FGTS) in the purchase. In addition, depending on the value of the property, the financing installments may be more attractive than the value of the rent.

Renting or buying a property does not have to be an eternal question. Check the strategic role of housing in your current life. If you want to build equity and have more financial security, it’s time to find out about real estate financing. However, if you are planning, saving or if you do not intend to live long in the city you are in, renting may be an option.


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