See how to use body language to sell more

Gestures and posture represent a large part of communication. In fact, there are already works that can assist in physical control to build some aspects of the image.

Present and authoritative body language can be an important mechanism to add to the sales guide, defining whether the customer will complete a purchase. If you need to improve your business posture, read on and see how body language contributes to good negotiation.

What is the importance of body language?

Body language represents a non-verbal means of communication. In the business environment, it directly impacts the communication between customers and sellers. Therefore, it is worth betting on these non-verbal channels, combining them with the best digital marketing strategies, to convince the potential consumer to close the purchase.

In this case, it is possible to adopt a posture that conveys more security, determination, and confidence. This will provide the necessary comfort for him to express himself better and the negotiation to be more fluid and friendly.

What aspect to fix to be more confident and sell more?

Some points should pay attention to creating an environment conducive to sales. This makes it possible to impact not only what the client thinks of you, but also the way he feels at the time of the negotiation.

Look in the eyes

A salesperson’s persuasiveness starts with the way he looks at the potential customer. The lack of “eye to eye” can be interpreted as insecurity, generating an impression of the seller’s bad faith.

A sincere look, in turn, conveys confidence and tranquility. This causes a feeling of honesty and consistency, which is necessary for the client to perceive truth in his speech.

Have a correct body posture

A correct and haughty posture conveys the message of well-being to your client. Thus, it is essential to keep the spine upright, both when standing and sitting.

In this way, the customer will be more easily convinced of his authority and this tends to shorten negotiations. This posture can also help to convey an assertive message when making notes, especially when presenting data and numbers.

Gesture while talking

More physically active behavior is very important to emphasize a certain explanation to the consumer. Gesturing is a good way to show engagement with the content and creates more receptive communication with customers.

However, it is up to the alert to gesture calmly and contained. These gestures are only effective if they are controlled and are in harmony with the speech.

Use rapport techniques

This strategy is used to generate empathy and identification with the consumer. It allows you to enter your client’s world and make him feel that you understand him and that you have a strong bond in common. This occurs mainly through a more welcoming approach and non-violent language.

How to increase sales with these strategies?

The skills of a good salesperson can be built over time, with training and dedication. In this sense, body language tends to contribute significantly to conveying ideas and emotions to customers. Being a great seller is not a gift, but a set of techniques that have been masterfully adopted and that lead the customer to purchase.

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