What is the profile of a 2.0 realtor?

You may have noticed that digital commerce has already transformed a large part of consumer markets, right? Delivery, passenger transport, customer service, and the financial sector are some examples. Wouldn’t it be time for the realtor to update as well, becoming a realtor 2.0?

Calm. We are not saying that this professional will cease to exist, being replaced by an application. Only that the specialist in real estate brokerage should not be stuck in time, as if we still lived in the 2000s.

Want to know how to upgrade your career and become a better broker? So, read this article to the end!

Understanding the biggest challenge facing real estate 2.0

Undoubtedly the greatest obstacle for this professional is to maintain proper care for his image. With just a quick Google search, you can access compromising information, such as lawsuits, inappropriate comments on news sites, etc.

Therefore, the real estate agent must understand that he works with his image, taking this reflection to the way he uses digital tools. This is a necessary improvement to become a 2.0 realtor.

Discovering the benefits of upgrading

The internet gives professionals the chance to reach a larger audience, regardless of where they operate. All of this at a relatively low cost.

Digital communication helps the realtor to transform his name into a brand capable of impacting several people, increasing the chances of sales.

In addition, the internet facilitates contact between the parties, helping to speed up the closing of deals. Another positive point is the considerable reduction in costs related to communication. Have you ever stopped to think how expensive it was to sell a property in the past decades when a phone line costs the same as a motorcycle? Today, with social networks and messaging apps, this cost has dropped enormously.

Realizing what needs to be done

The first step is to create an efficient digital presence. You should choose some social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to be. Remember that you will present yourself as a real estate professional.

You must create relevant content for your visitor, such as document tips needed to make a loan, suggestions for houses to rent in the region, etc. Just create an account on the social networks that you will actually use.

Another suggestion is to have a website. This way, you will publish articles, advertise properties, and be able to collect contact information from visitors, creating your own leads.

If you don’t feel ready to take these steps, take a basic digital marketing course or hire a professional to help you. Another tip is to follow the examples of people you believe make good digital communication.

As we saw in this article, it is time for the realtor to update himself, transforming himself into a realtor 2.0. This is the best way to overcome the crisis and close more and more deals.


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