Why open a virtual real estate company? Understand more about it

Have you ever thought about opening a virtual real estate? We are not talking about a website, but a 100% digital property sales experience. It is a relatively new concept – which can be an opportunity for the first brands to explore it.

But you may be wondering how that experience would work and what it would take to implement it, right? We have studied the main points of this type of business to present them to you in this article. Come on?

What is a virtual real estate company?

It is a company that offers all the service and communication processes over the internet – or, preferably, over the internet. The main advantage is in cost reduction, as a large structure or commercial point can be dispensed with.

Another advantage is the possibility that you can serve people from all over the world, which can increase sales. In addition, your business would be prepared to communicate with Generation Y consumers and, in the future, Generation Z consumers.

A study released by Aspect Software clarifies that millennials prefer to have the purchase process done digitally. This improves customer loyalty for this group.

What types of technology are needed?

Thinking about the sales experience, it is necessary that your virtual real estate invest in virtual reality technology. In this way, customers will be able to visit the properties using specific glasses, such as those already used in games.

The 360-degree filming helps the client to see all the details of the place, even if he is not wearing virtual reality glasses. He can see the properties using his cell phone – and have an experience far superior to what he would have just with the photos.


The service should be done by chats, which already occur in many real estate agencies. For this, the broker must have a professional who responds to customers’ messages. It can also automate this task, using a robot. This type of technology is common in large companies.

Of course, videoconferencing, so popular after the pandemic, can be used to serve customers. The https://www.skymarketing.com.pk/bahria-agro-farm-houses-islamabad/, this is possible thanks to digital signatures.

Investment in communication must also prioritize digital marketing. Options like inbound marketing should be chosen.

If the broker wants to maintain an office, he can resort to coworking, eliminating commercial rent. However, all of this technology comes at a cost and the entrepreneur must research among several marketing agencies to choose the best service provider.

Why scan the operation?

Digitization makes processes more agile, cheaper and more adaptable to the changes that can occur. Imagine how the daily life of a virtual real estate company was little affected in the pandemic, for example.

At the same time, digital processes generate data that can be used to improve the work of virtual real estate. It is a performance cycle that feeds back.

Now that you understand more about how virtual real estate works, how about evaluating this business possibility? Maybe it’s not the opportunity you’ve been waiting for?

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